Astrological Intuitive Readings

Personal readings are all about you. By examining the natal chart, your astrological blueprint is identified, helping you to access a different perspective for problem solving. Along with astrology, the readings include elements of numerology and Human Design. This combination presents a powerful picture of wholeness and creates space for you to catch your breath and enjoy your life.

A reading can also include insights about your kids, your lovers and your friends. Our session time together has unlimited possibilities!

Adrienne Tararin

I have been practicing and studying astrology for over 15 years. My interest in astrology was fueled by curiosity. I wanted to understand myself better and live a more peaceful life. It is a pleasure to witness people feel recognized and validated as they "connect the dots" and explore the possibilities available to them. I offer these readings with great joy, enthusiasm and insight.


"Adrienne is incredibly intuitive. She read both my son's and my own chart and was able to interpret and articulate with such a degree of insight that frankly, it's just uncanny. Especially insightful was when she interpreted both our charts in correlation to each other. It's definitely helped me to understand my son (and myself!) better.

Hedy V., Granada Hills, Ca.

"I didn't know what to expect from Adrienne's astrological reading. At the time I was going through a huge dilemma in my life ( 68 years young) whether to 1. keep working, 2. stay married and 3. let go of the anguish of our family business drama. It turned out that after our sessions, I did all three. Through her techniques and insights, she knew me better than I knew myself. I have learned to incorporate humor and authenticity as my mode of operation. What a relief! It's been a few months and I am still in awe and applying what I learned from her on a daily basis. I have even found the time and courage to return to school to receive my certificate to be an Integrated Nutrition Health Coach. I look forward to follow-up sessions, partly because she is so fun!"

Aricia H., Malibu, Ca.

"I have had many readings over the years from some wonderful astrologers around the world. Adrienne has a deep understanding of astrology that is enhanced by her natural intuitive abilities. She is also well versed in numerology and a number of other predictive modalities that she brings together to offer one of the most profound and transformative experiences. Her sessions are insightful as well as therapeutic and Adrienne is now my go-to person when I need direction in any area of my life."

Aine M., Ireland


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Astrology readings are offered for entertainment purposes only.